How to Join a webinar if you are using Custom UI in Zoom Android SDK?

How do I join Webinar I have implemented Joining and starting Meeting with SDK but now I want to join Webinar, what changes should I need to do?
I’m not able to find any suitable example.
Right now I’m using these params to join a meeting. so do I need to add any other params or need to add something somewhere?

JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();
params.meetingNo = number;
params.displayName = name;
params.password = password;

How should I differentiate between normal meetings and Webinar meetings before joining?
Any help would be appreciated.

Which Android Client SDK version?

Hi @amitgajjar, thanks for using the dev forum.

When you are joining a webinar through the SDK you can use the same approach for the most part. The only additional consideration that may apply is if you have a webinar token. If this applies to your use case, you can set the webinar token on the webinarToken field.


  1. I’m using a Customized UI, so can I join the webinar on Customized UI? is it supported? if yes then are there any changes I need to make?
  2. What changes do I have to make if I want to start/initiate a webinar?

Hi @amitgajjar,

  1. If you are using a custom UI, there are going to be some restrictions in terms of what data you have access to depending on your role. If you are a panelist or host, you can access the user info related to other panelists or hosts. If you are an attendee, you can only access your own information.

  2. As mentioned in my previous reply, this is mostly identical to the approach you would use for meetings. The only difference is the webinarToken field, if it applies to your use case.


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