Joining Webinar


Every time i tried to join the meeting, A popup asking me to register. We don’n need that.

It is a webinar which required registration and we have implemented the registration process and using the joining url to connect, so far in our iOS application we got the method to achieve this functionality.

But in android Zoom SDK the method to join meeting or webinar with meeting ID and webinar token is missing,

I have shared a sample code for iOS, If you can provide a equivalent one for android that will be helpful. So far i had reviewed the documentation i didn’t find one .

let dic = [kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber: “MEETING-NO”, kMeetingParam_WebinarToken:“TOKEN”]; let ret = service?.joinMeeting(with: dic);

Will this require a SDK update
if yes Please share latest SDK
If i can do it by extending your meeting class please let me know


hi Harminder,

have you take a look at the JoinMeetingOptions? There is one filed called webinar_token. 




Thanks It worked :slight_smile: