How to know if which user left meeting?


Hello Guys,

I have implemented zoom SDK successfully.

I want to get notified when other user ends meeting.

I have implemented -(void)onSinkMeetingUserLeft:(NSUInteger)userID method in the application.

But this method is not calling.

- (void)onSinkMeetingUserJoin:(NSUInteger)userID is called when other user joins meeting.

Can anybody help me out on this?

Thank you.


Hi Sojitra,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thank you very much for mention this. This method has been identified as not performing very stable. We will fix this performing issue in the next release. Please follow out Github repo to get any update on the next release.



Thank you @Carson_Chen for your valuable response.

Can you please give me any alternative for this right now?

I see message “XYZ left the meeting.” when other user left meeting.

May I intercept it in any way? It would be helpful for me to trace it.

Also can you please put this issue as critical or important because we are ready to launch application once this issue if fixed.



Hi Sojitra,
We will provide the repair version later, pls wait for a while. We are building.


Okay. I am waiting for it. By what time I should expect it?


Hi Jayesh,

I have sent you a message via forum message. Let me know if you have not received the message or if you have any questions.



Hello @Carson_Chen.

Thank you for your prompt help. Right now I have implemented v4.1.32183.0910 which is working well.

I have got beta SDK from you. I will install it and will update application. I will inform you once it works.

Thanks again.