How to know sub account is sub-reseller account or not ?(Zoom Master API)

I retrieve all the sub accounts list that have been created by a master account using List sub accounts API. But there is no field that can tell which is sub-reseller account in response schema.I want to know which is sub reseller account among these sub accounts. Is there any way to know from API which is sub-reseller account or not ? Although we can know which is sub-reseller account from zoom web portal.

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Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I wanted to confirm if you were able to solve this issue.

Hi Elisa,
I haven’t solve this issue yet .


Thanks for confirming this with me.
Ah, I see, allow me some time to ask my colleagues to see if you can actually get this information back with an API call.

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Hi Elisa,

Thanks for your always support.

Can I get answer fast please because I am very urgent for this issue?


Thanks for your patience.
Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that you could call to get information about whether a subaccount is a sub-reseller or not.
Feel free to add a feature request here: