How to launch my game on marketplace

I am trying to build a multiplayer game like Poker and launch it on Zoom marketplace for users to download and play during their call with friends.

But how to build and integrate a game with marketplace is very complex to understand. There is no clear documentation to do it. Can someone help me with this?

You can assume I have a multiplayer Poker game written in javascript, how do i integrate it with Zoom marketplace now?

Hi @game,

Are you looking to build an app or plugin that can be used to complement your Zoom meetings, or an app that will be available to users in-meeting, as part of the meeting? If it’s the former, an OAuth App would be your best bet.

If it’s the latter, please note that we haven’t yet released Zoom Apps for developers directly, but this is a capability that will be coming soon.


For better understanding, see these 10 games available on Zoom marketplace.

I want to add my own HTML5 game to the same section on zoom marketplace. What are the steps, do i just add OAuth and submit to store for review?

Hi @game,

Thanks for clarifying!

Yes, if you’d like to get published on our Marketplace, you will need to create an OAuth App and follow our submission process outlined here.


Thank you soooo much for sharing it.

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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