Integrating ZOOM OAuth app

Hi ,

We want to integrate zoom within our application We have created demo OAuth application with a developer account to check the integration and we were successful in that. Now, we have filled all the information for submitting our App for Zoom approval. The question, we have, is - do we need to do anything else here? Once the app is approved would we be able to start using Zoom API straight away to start meeting(s) on behalf of our users (we have a SaaS platform) , once they authorize our app for these selected actions.

Feel free to reach out to me via email if more useful - I have logged in with same email tied to my App submission, thanks!

Hey @rbulsara,

Once your app is submitted to the Marketplace you are good to go to have external Zoom users connect their accounts and to create meetings on their behalf. :slight_smile:

Thanks for building with Zoom!