How to leave a meeting or end Zoom SDK service programmatically


For the Zoom Android SDK, custom UI, my custom activity extends the SDK’s MeetingActivity, in the @Override public void onBackPressed(), I want to leave the meeting and stop Zoom SDK service.

Currently I use the onClickLeave();, it will show a leave button in the meeting window, user can leave the meeting after clicking on the leave button. However, is there any way to leave the meeting directly without clicking the leave button?

I tried to just finish my custom activity, the meeting window is gone, though the Zoom SDK service is still running at the background, and I can’t join a new meeting because I didn’t leave the old meeting.

Please help, thanks a lot!


Which version?
latest SDK version

You call leaveCurrentMeeting. E.g. mMeetingService.leaveCurrentMeeting(end);

Hi @gerger, thanks for the post (and thanks to @egon for helping out!).

The method mentioned in the previous reply is correct. The API reference for this can be found here. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you encounter any issues while using this method.