How to list current virtual backgrounds loaded into the Zoom account

I’m writing an app to sync a file location with approved company backgrounds and I can see there’s an API to upload a file and to delete a file from Zoom but I can’t find out how to list the ones tat are currently loaded. I’ll need this to know which new ones need to be added to Zoom and which ones need to be removed from Zoom.

Hi @jferguson,

Good question—virtual background info can be pulled on a user and account level via the following APIs, respectively:

User Level, located within the “in_meeting” category, virtual_background_settings object:

Account Level, similarly:

Let me know if this helps!

I did finally find the list of files down in the in_meetings object from the account settings. I’m not sure but the problem may have been that we didn’t have the virtual background turned on yet at the account level.

Thanks for confirming @jferguson — let us know if you run into any additional questions on this front!

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