Change Virtual Backgrounds via API with URL instead of uploading file

As we build our BetterCloud Integration with Zoom app for our customers, one of our main requirements is to be able to set and manage Virtual Backgrounds via API for our customers

Zoom has the following API endpoint available but currently is limited to upload via file and not by URL
We don’t have the ability to point to a local file & send file data via API. Is zoom considering URL support for API to change Virtual Backgrounds? Is there any workaround for using URL other than building it out in our end? If not, is there a relevant feature request or roadmap discussion we can keep for reference?

We are currently subscribed to the API change log.

The following Zoom roadmap link is broken. Is there another link?

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
We are currently is the process for getting our BetterCloud-Zoom app approved in the Zoom marketplace. This is a huge ROI request from our end and to enable our partnership growth.

We read the article: Virtual Background - Set Via API from URL Reference instead of uploading

Thank you for looking into it!

Hi @fbegh3

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!

As for right now, we only have the Endpoint that you mentioned :slight_smile:

I understand how valuable this will be for you, so I kindly ask you to submit a feature request here: Feature Requests - Zoom Developer Forum

And I will keep you updated if I hear anything about this


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