How to pass parameters into the recordings api

I have a newb question but couldn’t find it in the forum.

I’m trying to use this API: which works fine with no parameters, but I wanted to add a from date. When I tried adding this as a get parameter to my request, it gave me a 400. I then looked at the example and it looks like a JSON packet.

My question is how to send a JSON packet on a get request? I can’t seem to find this in the documentation.

Hi @radicallyrooted ,

No problem, check out our Postman public workspace:

You can fork this endpoint to your own workspace and replace the query params accordingly. Also not the documentation on the side or “code snippet” option on the side to populate code samples in different languages:

OK, here is the URL I am calling: from=2023-03-6& to=2023-03-21

There are a number of videos in this range, but here is the response I’m getting back?


Why did the date range change and why are there no videos? Are some of the other parameters required to make this work? Are all of the parameters required that are on the postman? If so, why isn’t it spelled out in the docs?

Sorry, posted below.

Thanks for the information about how to pass parameters into the recordings api

Hi @thom1 , it needs to be in UTC format: ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. Change from 2023-03-6 to 2023-03-06 and try again. Please also confirm whether this is for a user-level app and if you’re passing me because you’re checking for your recordings. If not, pass the userId or email address of the user you’re pulling recordings for (provided you have authorized access to make those queries).

Well, that was stupid.

Yes, I’m using me.

OK, I have modified the url to: from=2023-03-06& to=2023-03-21 and it still returns


Somehow spaces end up before “to” and “from” and that appears to be causing the issue. I have now resolved it.

The original problem appears to be that you can’t specify a from without a to date. These are provided as query parameters, so the JSON reference in the documentation is wrong.

@thom1 , I’m glad you resolved with the spacing.

You included the “to” date parameter though. How could it be clearer? Stating that it is mandatory if looking within a date range?

Yes. By saying you must specify from and to both if you specify either one.

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