How to pin the host screen

Good morning!

I’d like to pin my screen as a host using an API call or something because I want my recording not to display other people faces / cameras.

I’ve search through the documentation but I can’t find any useful method. Can you help me please? Or at least guide me on how to accomplish my goal??

I’m a teacher and I want this behavior because when I record the zoom session, I only want my board to be shown, not the faces of my students when they talk, which is what it’s currently happening.

Hi @ricardo2 ,

Thank you for your post! To manipulate the position of the host’s video in the Video SDK, you’d configure your code (styling/formatting), rather than using an API. I’d recommend taking a look at our sample application codebase to see a way to achieve this.


As a teacher, it’s understandable that you want to record your Zoom sessions with a focus on your board and minimize the display of your students’ faces. One possible solution to achieve this is to enable “Side-by-Side Mode” in your Zoom settings, which displays the active speaker or content in one window and the other participants in a separate window. This way, you can pin your screen as the active speaker, and your students’ faces will be displayed separately.

Here are the steps to enable Side-by-Side Mode in Zoom:

Sign in to your Zoom account and go to “Settings”.
In the “Meeting” tab, scroll down to the “In Meeting (Advanced)” section.
Find the “Display up to __ participants per screen in Gallery View” option and set it to 1.
Check the “Side-by-Side Mode” option.
Save your settings.
Once you’ve enabled Side-by-Side Mode, you can pin your screen as the active speaker by clicking on the “…” menu in the upper-right corner of your video window and selecting “Pin Video”. This will keep your screen as the main display for all participants in the meeting, and your students’ faces will be displayed in a separate window.

If you want to automate this process through an API call, you may need to consult Zoom’s API documentation or contact their support team for assistance.

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