How to place videos on the page

I’m looking for a WordPress plugin for video conferencing, I’ve tried several but have not figured out how to place videos on the page. I see some have shortcodes to insert on the page. For example, this one also has a video block but I don’t understand how to use this video every time on the page. That is, I want to show the last meeting on the page because I will have only one page for all meetings. What do you think about it?

Hey @violetta,

I also know of @techies23 plugin:



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If you are referring to attaching a meeting on your browser which can be joined via browser based on your meeting ID. For your flow of the work, you can create a recurring meeting or a meeting with personal ID and use below shortcode to show the meeting on your WordPress website page. For example:

[zoom_join_via_browser meeting_id="YOUR_MEETING_ID" login_required="no" help="no" title="Test" height="500px" disable_countdown="yes"]


Above shortcode will generate a result similar to below:

Changes to styles will be for you to decide.

This uses Zoom webSDK version 1.7.10

With personal ID - You can just change the meeting time for the created meeting if you do not want to create a new meeting everytime or just schedule a recurring meeting and Grab the meeting ID and paste it into the above shortcode.

Another option would be to use [zoom_api_link meeting_id=“YOUR_MEETING_ID” link_only=“no”] shortcode. This will generate and fetch your meeting details and show them in frontend. Your users can join via browser or join via app directly with links here.

For example:

Reference: shortcode.

Let me know if you try this out and works for you. Thanks.


Thanks @ techies23
As I see all the plugins allow to insert a meeting on a page but that’s not exactly what I wanted.
I want to show the last meeting from the list so that I don’t specify meeting id every time.
I have already talked to the developer of the plugin and they have this opportunity.
As for recurring meetings, I’ll see how it works.
Thank you for your help.

Hey @violetta,

Let me know if you have any questions about the Zoom API or SDKs.

Thanks for your answer @techies23!