Zoom meeting window on Wordpress

Zoom Meeting Video window doesn’t embed on my website like in the below screenshot. Instead, it shows a table with the Zoom Meeting ID, Host Name, Join the Meeting via the meeting app or zoom broweser.

The zoom plugin I am using does not show this shortcode below. Even If I use that shortcode, it does not work. There is no feature in the plugin settings to select zoom meeting window.

[zoom_api_link meeting_id="***********" class=“zoom-meeting-window” id=“zoom-meeting-window” title=“Grade 10 Science - 08th May 2020”]

Please help me to get the Zoom Meeting Window on my Wordpress pages.

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @anushan,

Which wordpress plugin is this?

Can you please contact the developers of the plugin for support?


That’s because you are using a different version of the plugin. Please use this plugin to show a meeting window like the one you have shown above. Thanks!

Thanks @elearningevolve! :slight_smile: