How to publish app in app marketplace to government

We recently published our app to the general App Marketplace.

One of our customers that uses Zoom Government has told us that our app is not available in their marketplace. I’m assuming that Zoom Government manages a separate one.

What is the process for getting our app submitted to the government marketplace? Will it have to go through the submission process again?


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Hi @jfuhr ,

I am looking into these details regarding publishing further for you! The marketplace site is:

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Following that link, I can get to the Login page but there is no way to register for an account. My account also does not work.

Any info you can find would be of great assistance.

Hi @jfuhr ,

Outside of the app partners we have for Zoom for Gov, currently we are not able to publish apps from other developers. This is definitely in the works and a priority item. More info to come later this year!

As for not being able to login, your app is likely not set up for Zoom for Gov access then due to certain requirements. Please contact that team here:

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