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Hi Team

I have a published marketplace app in zoom.us domain Can i Use the same app for zoomgov.com users?

If yes what changes I need to make in the API calls/login domain ?

If no, do I need to create a new app in zoomgov.com marketplace ? Once created, can I publish the app after zoom approval ? so that it can be used by our users of zoomgov.com domain


@gianni.zoom Can zoom support take a look at this query ?

Hi @schedulingadmin
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I am gathering some information with the team to provide you a good answer on this.
I will come back with an update shortly


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@elisa.zoom Can you help me with your findings on this?
It’s been over a week since I posted this query and I need to urgently respond back about the possibility to our customers in the Zoom Gov domain


Hi @schedulingadmin
Thank you for your patience while I worked on this issue further.
I was able to engage with the team and they have told me that joining the Zoom for Government Marketplace process will be available soon.

If you have an app already published then I would just kindly ask you to wait for more update on timeline and date, if not I recommend you to go through the commercial app process in the meantime.


Hi Elisa

Thanks for the reply.

So this means that we currently don’t have a public marketplace in Zoom for Government?
Can I get an update on the release date? So that I can set a similar timeline with our customers?

@elisa.zoom Can you please confirm ?


Hi @schedulingadmin
Unfortunately I do not have a specific date for the release.
I will make sure to come back here if I hear anything back

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