How to register as a company for accessing zoom APIs

When I am registering using my own account for accessing zoom APIs, I am getting only details related to myself.
I don’t want to register all users of my company at to access APIs.
I am want to register as a company and want to use API for create, edit and launch meeting, get users list whom I can invite in meeting like other options.

I haven’t found any portal to register for a company in

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Used JWT and OAuth but not able to get success.

Which Endpoint/s? API for getting contacts but when I pass type=company it’s send only one user. when I send type=external it sends user which I have made chats.
Is there is any API that can give all company user list

Hey @aakashp,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. It sounds like you are looking to access account-level data instead of user-level data found in your own profile. Is that correct? To clarify, Zoom doesn’t distinguish between companies and accounts, but, if you need to access all the data for you account, you should be able to use a JWT app or an account-level OAuth app.

Here’s a quick overview of the two app types that you can use to access account-level information:

JSON Web Token (JWT):
JWT is an account-wide app and is available to all the admins and owners of the account. You can have only 1 JWT marketplace app registered in your account. You can generate multiple JWT tokens using the JWT keys, and the tokens operate independently of each other until expired or the credentials have been changed.

A JWT token will contain all the permissions, and there is no way to restrict it. A JWT token is only valid for your account.

To know more, please visit:

OAuth 2.0:
You can use an OAuth App if you want to have limited permissions for your token. To set up access credentials and request scopes for your app, create an OAuth app on the Marketplace. Follow the Create an OAuth App guide for a full walkthrough.
OAuth2 endpoints are located at

Depending on the App type (Account Level or User Managed), the app needs to be authorized by either the account admin or the user. To know more, please visit:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @MaxM

Thanks but this won’t help me to manage account level App. I always found that it is limited to user.

If I want to generate token using this url:
This URL requires a parameter client_id which is based as per register user for OAuth 2.0.

How I can use same client_id for another user who havn’t register himself in as OAuth app type.

When I am using it gives response only one user contact (register user).
How I can find all account level contacts using this…

Any help will be appreciating


Hey @aakashp,

Thank you for providing additional information. Just to clarify, are you using an account-level or a user-level account when you make the request?

How I can use same client_id for another user who havn’t register himself in as OAuth app type.

It’s important to note that the client_id is used to authenticate via OAuth and is associated with the account that you are searching for contacts in, not the specific user. This means that you would only be able to query users under the account that is associated with the OAuth app.

When I am using it gives response only one user contact (register user).

Are you able to provide the endpoint and request body that you’re using as well as the response? I’ll use that to troubleshoot this further.


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