How to restrict a Zoom meeting only to Meeting SDK?

We are creating a meeting using API but users are able to join that meeting using the Zoom native app. How can we restrict that to be exclusively available only via our web app which is using meeting SDK?

Welcome @recoverlution!

Thank you for your questions! As long as users have access to the meeting number and the passcode, they can join via the Zoom Client. How are you distributing the meeting details? Are users getting a link that directs them to your platform to join the meeting?

Hi Donte,
Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late reply.
In order to invite users to join a meeting, we are sharing a link to our platform configured with SDK. The script on the page contains the Zoom meeting id. Anyone can copy the Zoom meeting id from client-side script and access it via the Zoom app. I want them to join meeting only via our platform link.

Hey there,
I was about to say the same, I also want to restrict meeting on zoom SDK for my website. I want to restrict meeting only for my client through we can easily discuss about work details.