I need a meeting with a Developer

Hi I need a meeting with a zoom developer, to learn how I can integrate zoom with my platform

Hi @Cravingenglish27 ,

Happy to help! There are many types of integration approaches. Can you please share a description of your needs and we can direct you to the supporting materials for your use case?

Thank you,

Hi Gianni,
Thank you
We’re building a new platform and we need to integrate it with zoom, so we can have one click sign in.

Hi @Cravingenglish27 ,

What sort of platform? Is it a website or an app?

You can embed the Zoom meeting URLs with a passcode, so that when the user clicks on the URL they have access to the meeting. If you’re looking to have Zoom built in, then or WebSDK route would be best. Please confirm and I’ll direct you to that documentation :slight_smile:


It’s a website and yes we need our user to enter the meeting with one click.
You can send me all the documentation you have so my developers can learn how to do this