How to run a create meeting Zoom API with JWT?

As I have created the JWT in the Zoom Portal, but still in Postman When I am choosing as Bearer, an passing the generated token, it is giving a error MSG “Invalid Access token”.

As I am using Oauth2.0 then it is working fine, but when I trying to join in Web Zoom SDK then it is giving a popup message “unable to connect” .
Why this error coming as in web sdk i have used the JWT api key and api secret.

Please find the screenshot:-

Please find the screenshot:-

JWT is for paid user or anyone can use it.

Please provide the solution as soon as possible.

Hi @nikita.pandey, JWT app credentials (API Key and Secret) are used to authenticate the Web SDK.

OAuth can be used to authenticate a request to the API on behalf of an individual user.

JWT is an account-level credential, and it is not tied to a single user. Thus, you will not be able to use the /me/ context in the path of the request if you use JWT.

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