How to send a server-to-server chat message

I have a server application.
When an event occurs, I want to be able to send a chat message to a specific zoom channel.
On an other event, I want to update that message, and finally, I need to
delete that message.
Is it correct to assume I need a server-to-server app, using OAuth2? (JWT is being depreciated in June )
I’m running in all kinds of issues like “this API does not support client credentials for authorisation” when POSTing to{usrerid}/channels
Your advise is very much appreciated

Hi @Manfred ,

You can use a Server-to-Server OAuth app. Check out this article from one of our Developer Advocates to be sure.

Additionally, you may be running into an error because of the endpoint URL.

Here’s the correct one: /chat/users/{userId}/messages

Hi Gianny, thanks for your reply.
Somehow, the reference to the article of your Developer Advocates doesn’t show up in your post.
May I assume that {userId} should be filled out with a channel ID if I want to post to a specific channel? How do I obtain that channel id?

Hi @Manfred ,

Whoops, I just updated the reply with the link.

Yes that is correct! For Account-Level, use these channel endpoints. You can also use this endpoint to find the channels created by a specific user and see the channel id returned in the response.