How to send messages to a channel from python

I have been searching the web for the past few hours trying to find an example of sends messages to a zoom channel from a python script. I assume I need to use the requests module to make calls to the api endpoints. The trick is trying to figure out what endpoint to use. I have seen a few posts referring to creating a chatbot, etc. It would be great if there was a simple guide on how to do this. I did something similar in slack. I found it much easier becasue there was good documentation on how to do that. Does anyone have a good guide or pointers on how to accomplish this?

Hi @cwcampbell , here is the tutorial for creating a chatbot and here specifically is how you can send messages with the chatbot:

Does this help?

Ive read those. The chatbot part is confusing. I think what i need is to add the incoming webhook chatbot. I just need my admin to allow it.

Hi @cwcampbell ,

Can you please clarify what you find confusing and how I can better help?

I am not sure where to begin. There are a few guides on the internet about this topic. Most are older. The info is outdated which is causing some of the confusion. One article shows creating a JWT application, but that is being deprecated this year. I tried creating a team chat app, but it is asking for a lot of info I do not have. Specifically, the zoom client feature section. You have to add endpoints, a welcome message, etc.

The thing is, I am not creating a public application for the masses. I just want to send alerts to a channel in zoom. If this is the process I need to take to accomplish that task, I have to say, it’s like using a sledgehammer to nail two boards together.

Hi @cwcampbell ,

I see! Please follow the guidance below step by step to create the chat app. It will walk you through everything needed to send messages in the manner you’ve described. Then, follow the subsequent link to correctly send chat messages with your chat app. Additionally, the earlier URL I link has been deprecated and our docs team is in the process of those updates. Thank you for your patience with this.

JWT app is not needed, and I’d appreciate you sending the article that said this so we can further investigate :slight_smile:

I am confused about you not having that info. You need to have those server endpoints in order to programmatically send messages. You could use something like ngrok for development testing until you have a production endpoint.

Please let me know if the updated links help!