Webhook for all users?

Looking to inject messages from our node run application portal to individual Zoom users. I have a webhook created but it seems to only go to the webhook channel unless I generate a new hook per user and keep track of them all.

Can a single webhook pick the users channel or do I need to make a chatbot?

Hi @gmerideth,

This would require use of our Chatbot app type.

You can find more details on this here:


From what I can tell, chatbot is for users to use slash commands to query data i.e. that’s why I need to provide an endpoint. This is somewhat the other way around. When a trigger occurs in our portal, I want to send user “john doe” a message to his chat channel. There is no ‘endpoint’ to create as Zoom isn’t going to send me anything.

Hey @gmerideth,

You will want to have a user install your Chat Bot app so that you can receive the Bot Installed event to your Chat Bot endpoint:

You can use the data in that event to send the user a chat message. You would then retain that data and use it to send a message to the relevant user when the trigger occurs in your portal.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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