How to send user verification email again ZOOM API

Currently using ZOOM API V2.
we creating users via api. that time verification email sent successfully. If accidentally customer deleted or email move to spam. I need to send verification email again to user if user click ‘send verification email’ button.

How to trigger verification/invitation email again

Hi @mkumartpgit,

Good question—however, if a user accidentally deletes a verification email, there’s not a way via API to regenerate this (this is a great suggestion, though!). However, you can reach out to our Technical Support team in these instances, and they will be able to assist.


Requested technical team about this question. Can i able to change user status ‘pending’ to ‘active’. I mean without email verification (bypass) is possible.

Hey @mkumartpgit,

This status change can only be handled by the end user confirming their account when they receive an activation email.


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