STATUS field for user


Hi Everyone
I created via API new user
This user was received email notification, but user did not go link

I get user information via API GET # /users/{userId}
And I see that status = Active
But in the UI I see that user is still waiting activation

How it is possible ?
Or properti status for user does not connect with Active users


Hi @Mike_Kollen,

Can you share the payload that you received back from the GET users API[0] including the account and userID?

[0] -


Hi @Michael_Purnell
This payload for UserId n9cHWH57RgGVLZQxer844w
You can see, that status=Active
But I did not approve this user so I expected to see status = Pending
“account_id”: “vCn5dP1oSYSGLaNr5a8eHg”,
“created_at”: “2019-03-12T10:35:24Z”,
“dept”: “”,
“email”: "",
“first_name”: “”,
“group_ids”: [
“host_key”: “467444”,
“id”: “n9cHWH57RgGVLZQxer844w”,
“im_group_ids”: ,
“jid”: "",
“language”: “”,
“last_name”: “”,
“personal_meeting_url”: “”,
“phone_number”: “”,
“pmi”: 3919509413,
“status”: “active”,
“timezone”: “”,
“type”: 1,
“use_pmi”: false,
“verified”: 0


Hello @Michael_Purnell
Any news about it ?


Hi @Mike_Kollen,

The waiting for activation means that the user has already accepted the invitation, it’s just the user has not set their username, password, etc… If they haven’t accepted then the status would be showing pending.



Hi @Michael_Purnell

I thought that process of set their username, password is process of activation. According to documentation

New Users will be sent an activation email. Users with existing free Zoom accounts under the same email address will be sent an email to accept your invitation.

User with email did not exist before in ZOOM. This user was sent an email to Sign In to Zoom. I expected that user has PENDING status. But he has ACTIVE status. It means that invitation was accepted.
But question when and by whom ?

Where new user can accept invitation ?


Hi @Mike_Kollen,

When the invitation was sent via create user API, the user gets a link in the email and when they click the link, their status will automatically be active via the GET users API.



Hi @Michael_Purnell

But The issue that user DIDN’T click the link user got link, He did not click link but status is ACTIVE.

It is not clear for me why user did not click link in email and has ACTIVE status. According to documentation user have to have PENDING status.


Hello @Michael_Purnell
Please help me to clarify this question