How to set "Only authenticated users can join meetings" via the API

We are attempting to both query and set the meeting security setting “Only authenticated users can join meetings” with a specific Meeting Authentication Option.

We are a school district and have it set up where teachers can easily create meetings with these options that will enforce only students/staff are allowed to join. It would be nice to have this ability through the API but I do not see this as one of the available fields.

Hey @MattPenner

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Hi @MattPenner - were you able to find a way to do this through the API? I’m interested in doing the same type of thing for some users. Thanks.

Hey @kevter.tgt, @MattPenner,

You can do so via the Create Meeting API by specifying the meeting authentication settings in the settings object:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks @tommy the part I was wondering about was setting the capability on the user account. I don’t see a way to use this on the user account.

Hey @kevter.tgt,

Gotcha! You can also do this on the user level via the Update User Settings API, and or the account level via the Update Account Settings API.


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