How to set password expiration for zoom account

I have created an zoom account having basic free account, with an email address and pwd. Now I am trying to check how can we set password expiration for my zoom account like to check if I can set X number of days by then zoom account password will automatically trigger an email saying password needs to be changed after that X number of days for my zoom account. Please let me know how can I set password expiration for my zoom account. Thanks!

Password Policy

  • Password expires automatically and needs to be changed after the specified number of days : Allows you to set an expiration date on passwords, forcing users to create a new password when it expires. This can be set for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. Users will be reminded by email each day starting 3 days before the upcoming password expiration. When the password expires, they are notified when logging in on web or client and directed to the web portal to change their password.

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