Password Reset Circular Conundrum!

Hi there,
If this is the wrong forum for this question, please forgive an old man having problems with IT, and see if you can assist. Many thanks !-)
(And as this problem cannot be uncommon, a solution needs to be developed anyway.)

My old computer, which has died, had my Zoom password in the browser, but I cannot find my note of it.
So now I want to reset my Zoom password.

The Password Reset email from Zoom tells me to sign in to Zoom with my Googlemail account, which I can do.
But to then change my password, I need to enter the old password, which I don’t have !
Therefore it is impossible to reset my password !

I have diligently searched the Zoom website for help, but I cannot find a solution to this. Have I missed something ?
(There is no Zoom user support for basic accounts.)

Many thanks for any help you can give,
All the best to you,

Hi Bannerman.

Instead of signing into your Zoom account with Google, try visiting and entering your email address there.

Otherwise, email from the email address associated with your Zoom account, and request a password reset that way.


Thanks for pointing @bannerman100 in the right direction @alexmayo :slight_smile:


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