How to set up a meeting interface for Chinese development in SDK




Hi Youkang,

Currently Zoom Windows SDK support US English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. You can localize the stack to other languages by translating the strings provided in resource files (sdk_demo folder and called sdk_demo.rc) . Long translated strings might impact the UI and that needs to be taken into consideration while doing the translations.



Thank you. What I want is the display of Chinese on the video form, not the text on the Demo interface.
I didn’t find the relevant strings to replace it in the resource file.



please change your init param as follow: ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.tagInitParam.emLanguageID = ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.SDK_LANGUAGE_ID.LANGUAGE_Chinese_Simplified when you call ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.InitSDK api and try again. you can find all of these at zoom_sdk_def.h and zoom_sdk.h




“Share Screen” Change to Chinese characters.

Like “Show Share APIs”.

How should I do it.




try this method of the latest comments. if you set to Chinese language, all the string of meeting ui will change to Chinese language.

please have a try.




OK, thanks.