How to start meeting without creator?

I`m using API method /v2/users/me/meetings to create meeting autimatically and send link in my chat to partners by bot.

When anyone opening meeting - it says to wait creator.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
“type” => 1
“settings” => [
“join_before_host” => “true”,
“waiting_room” => “false”

Additional context
We trying to automate Zoom meetings, but not every day user, whos account i use for api connecting to meetins, moreover we decided to create technical premium account for this.

Hi @dfkkg,

For this, I would recommend provisioning a user under your account who can serve as a “bot” of sorts, for the express purpose of scheduling/creating meetings. You will need to designate a host user in order to create a meeting via API, but you could create a user to serve as a host for this purpose.

You can use this endpoint to create/license a user for this purpose:

Let me know if this helps,

Thanks. Can i test it before buying pro plan?
And… I must create user every time, or this is one-time action and i can do it in browser?

Hey @dfkkg,

You can create a user in the UI or via the API for this.

In regards to a trial, I’m afraid we don’t offer a test environment/trial—however, you might consider purchasing a monthly Pro plan and then cancelling after a month if it doesn’t suit your needs.


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