How to stop testSpeaker?

I started the test, the melody is playing, but I haven’t found a way to stop it.
How to stop testSpeaker ?

I tried:

  /** Stops local audio capture */
  stop(): Promise<void | Error>;

  /** Mutes mic if audio was started, and mic is not already muted */
  mute(): Promise<void | Error>;

And also run the second test with the id of a non-existent device, but i get console message

A tester is running,please stop it first

I was also looking for elements with the “audio” or “video” tag to stop them =)

But none of this helps…

Zoom Web Video SDK 1.4

Hey @efron.vit

Thanks for your feedback.

The localAudioTrack.testSpeaker() method returns a controller, using it to stop or destroy the tester.
Here is the reference: LocalAudioTrack | Zoom Video SDK for Web - 1.4.0

If you are familiar with react, our react sample code gives a demo of how to use the tester. videosdk-web-sample/preview.tsx at master · zoom/videosdk-web-sample · GitHub


Thank you very much for the quick response! This is what is needed. I program in Vue JS =)

@vic.yang, can we get the value of the current volume of this track for visualization?

Hey @efron.vit

The TestSpeakerOption allows you to set the onAnalyseFrequency callback, the callback will be invoked per 20ms with the averageFrequency payload, it’s another measurement of the sound. It can be used to visualize the sound.

In our react sample app, we use it as the percent value of the progress bar.

Some visualization examples and APIs in MDN.


Oh my … , it’s beautiful

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