How to store recorded videos

Hi, i’ve been using this wordpress plugin for online conferences and meetings and what i liked the most is the eVisit feature, it’s easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort but i wanted to know if there’s a way to record videos and store it. Please let me know if it’s possible and how i can do it. Thank you.


Hey @GAtki,

Please reach out to the developer of the plugin for support since Zoom did not make it.


I’m a developer of this plugin. You can record your video via standard Zoom functionality.
For example, if you insert the meeting on the page and you are the host of the meeting you can use the player controls to start recording.
You will be able to find these controls at the bottom of the player and save the recordered file to your PC.
If you have other questions, please contact support for a quick answer.

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Thanks for the info @Bogdan.