How to unmute video of myself

hello, when i join meeting with isvideooff = false, the vidoe is not open while in meeting. It appears on some windows,none about mac。And the user can open video by click the video button.

i don’t know why. so , i want to get my userId, and use MeetingVideo_UnMuteVideo after the meeting status is in meeting. the another question is i can’t get my userId when i use zoomparticipantsctrl.GetParticipantsList(), i don’t konw which is my userId.

after search by google, some guide say use zoomparticipantsctrl.GetUserInfoByUserID(0) can get myself, it not working on electron. there are any api that i can use to get my userid?

Which version?

the top of participants list is myself 's userId.t he question is resolved.