How can I get member Participant Id from electron Zoom SDK using Default UI

Currently I am using
Electron sdk version -
I am using Default UI to join the meeting in electron. I want to know how can I get participant ID of self joining member from zoomsdk

Thank you
Nirav Desai

I was able to get some crack on the above mentioned question currently I am using

function meetinguserjoincb(useritem) {
  useritem.forEach(function (user, i){
    let userObj = zoomparticipantsctrl.GetUserInfoByUserID(user.userid);
    if (userObj.isMySelf == true) {
       console.log("my user id is", user.userid );

the above mentioned method I am using to get the current userid.

But the issue with this is I am getting same userid for multiple participants.
Most of the repeated userids are

These ids are most commonly we get as response as userid for participants in meeting.
Kindly suggest.

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