How to update Expiration Time for a JWT App in Marketplace

Hi folks,

I created a JWT app in the marketplace, which has the expiration time set to 90 minutes. I now need to use that JWT app for another integration where I need a much longer expiration time to cover events well in the future. Updating the time, while allowed, does not “stick” - when I go back in, it is just at 90 minutes again. There seems to be no way to delete / recreate this app, and disable and reenable don’t change anything.

How can I fix this please?



Hey @michael.smith,

We recommend generating the JWT Token programmatically with a short expiration period for each use.

Is that possible in your scenario?


Hi Tommy,

Unfortunately, I don’t think that works in my case… trying to leverage a zoom integration with an event system, and the events are usually scheduled weeks in advance so need a long expiration period - see:


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