How to update "plan_bundle" named hosts with REST API?


Attempting to update a sub-account’s number of available hosts via the REST API, but have not been able to do so since they have upgraded to Enterprise Named (Tier 2).
I’ve noticed that they are now listed as “plan_bundle” as an object when retrieving their plan information (via GET /accounts/:accountId/plans).


    "plan_bundle": {
        "hosts": 105,
        "active_hosts": 0,
        "bundled_plans": [
                "type": "PLANCODE_1122"
                "type": "large500_yearly"
                "type": "webinar500_yearly"

Previously, their plan type was business_yearly, and we would just use PUT accounts/:accountId/plans/base to set the # of hosts to the desired number.

Does anybody know how to update the number of named hosts for an Enterprise account (with plan_bundle)?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Rob_Di_Toro, thanks for using Zoom and the detailed post!

Have you tried the PUT /accounts/{accountId}/plans/addons endpoint?

“Update an additional plan for a sub account.”

Also are you getting any errors, or does it just not work?

Let me know if this works!


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I have! Unfortunately much of the same result. The Enterprise Bundle (“PLANCODE_1122”) doesn’t appear to be a supported plan type, which is odd. Unless I’m doing something else wrong?

Postman screenshot of the add-ons API PUT call:

Hey @Rob_Di_Toro, happy to help!

Have you tried passing in "plan_bundle" instead of "PLANCODE_1122"?


PUT /v2/accounts/{{accountId}}/plans/bundles

  	  "type" : "ENT-LMT_500-WBN_500-yearly",
	  "hosts": "100"

The Get Plan API response has plan type in the format PLANCODE_1122, but in the request to subscribe and/or update, we had to pass in a different string as above. I am not sure if that is a universal plan name or if it is configured specifically for our account.

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Thanks for posting this @sassy :slight_smile:


Hi @sassy,

Thanks so much for responding!

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me – I tried ENT-LMT_500-WBN_500-yearly as you suggested, but received the following response:

I also tried the PLANCODE_1122 for the same .../plans/bundles API call, but received the same response.

Any ideas?
Sorry for the late reply!