How to update user from Basic to Education Enterprise Essential?

I need your help with this issue.


We currently have a mix of Education Enterprise Essentials and Education Enterprise Student licenses in our customer account. All Enterprise Essential licenses have been assigned, and now we need to upgrade Basic users to Enterprise Licenses license users.

If we use “type”: 2 and “zoom_one_type": 576460752303423488 systems send us back this error:


“code”: 300,
“message”: “You can’t change the ‘type’ or ‘plan_united_type’ or ‘zoom_one_type’ at the same time.”

How To Reproduce

If your account has Education Enterprise Essential and Education Enterprise Student, add a new Basic user. Then try to update user from Basic to Enterprise Student using the Schema show in develops API page.


“type”: 2,
“zoom_one_type”: 576460752303423488


Additional test and Info

After this test, we understand that we need to assign, first at all, a license to the user. Then we sent just “type”: 2.

Problem here, system try to assign Education Enterprise Essential license, but we have no one available, so we receive a new error.


Is there any way to assign (update user) from Basic to Education Enterprise Student license without the need to assign Enterprises Essential License first?

Other idea or question that can help:

Is there any way to put Enterprise Essential as default license?, so when we assign license (“type”: 2) and system use will those licenses.

Thanks for your support.

Hi @jorge.estrada
Thank you for reaching out to us!
I do not think there is a way to assign a license from Basic to education enterprise without making it essential firt.