Zoom_one_type parameter is invalid

Hello Everyone,

I trying to update the ‘zoom_one_type’ parameter for the Zoom console users. All users that I registered I assigned the basic license and I need to updated to Zoom One for Education Enterprise Student. This change is allowed?

I used the PATCH /users/{userId} with email user

The information that I send to the API are:

data: ‘{“zoom_one_type”:576460752303423500}’

The API documentation define the license 576460752303423488 - Zoom One for Education Enterprise Student and indicate the number is not allowed, for this reason I trying with 576460752303423500 number.

I use axios to call the API’s method.

Finally I getting this error:

{ code: 300, message: ‘Invalid parameter: zoom_one_type.’ }

I don’t understand why no accept the parameter.

Thanks advance
Ángel Linares

Hi @angel_linares
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end or are you still experiencing this issue when assigning licenses to your users?

Please let me know if you need help with this