How to Use Auth Token in Php Curl processor file

Good morning,

I am looking to use the Zoom API in order to register people for a webinar event using a form directly on our website

I have in currently working, but the access token expires after 60 mins and then it stops working.

I know how to use the renew token in order to get a new access token, but that refreshes both and then the access token expires again 60 mins later.

It does not seem to make much sense for our processor file to continue to have to generate tokens everytime it is called. Not even sure I could figure out a way to set that up.

Is there anyway to get an access token that doesnt expire at the 60 minute mark? Trying to figure out how to call the api in our php file without having to reset the access token each time.

Hey @josh.hamilton, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Depending on your use case, you can use the JWT Token from a JWT App in place of the access_token which does not need to be refreshed depending on the expire time you give it.

   "Authorization": "Bearer: JWT_TOKEN_HERE"

Let me know if you have additional questions!


I am trying to implement the following item:

From everything I have read, I need to use OAuth. Is it possible to just use the JWT token in place of the OAuth Access Token?

Hey @josh.hamilton,

Yes it is possible to use the JWT Token in place of the OAuth Access Token.


Perfect, that worked.

I will continue to monitor, but I think we should be good.

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Happy to hear!