How to use the IBOCreator class in C#

Thanks, @ekaram, I have updated the section Get the Controller in SDK.

I accidentally put the file meeting_bo_wrap.cpp when it should have been meeting_service_wrap.cpp.

That resulted in a linker error.

Now it compiles fine. The meeting_breakout_rooms_interface_v2.h just needs to be in one place common_include.h.


Thank you so much! it works as expected! (

To whoever stumbles again on this. I’m going to paste a link to drive to the code. Hopefully, this is helpful to others until Zoom adds the code themselves

there are two Zip files (please note that these are all based on v5.4.54802.0124)

  • zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap (This is one from the tutorial. Includes other edits as well from me)
    You would get this code if the tutorial is properly followed. It would add the BO functionality besides the old one. (Preferable one) (Zoom Windows SDK Extension for C#)
  • WrapperModifications From Zoom (this is the one from Michael. The BO according to him still needs work but it replaces the old breakout room function)

The edits in the new wrapper:

  • Is talking
  • OnCoHostChange Notification
  • /meeting_breakout_rooms_interface_v2.h is implemented


@ekaram @ratuthit

You guys are rockstars! :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for this!


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Hi Ekaram, thanks a lot for your help. Could you explain me how to create the new “.dll” from the code insideyour drive?


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How to create new dll

  1. open the folder labeled zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap folder
  2. Click on zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap.sln
  3. Edit the files to expand the wrappers functionalities
  4. Select Release from the build mode

5. Right-click on zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap in the hierarchy and click on build or rebuild

  1. Right click on zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap in the hierarchy and click on build or rebuild
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Thanks a Million for your precious Help!! Now it works!
If I may, could you tell me if in the wrapper on your GDrive link you have just included also the IBOattende function with the possibility of joining the room?

Thanks a lot

Thank you for your assistance @ekaram!


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Those are there but they might be broken based on the answer here.

So they might not work

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