HTTP Request returned Status Code 401. Invalid access token

Please help me my project use laravel integrate zoom,
when I make a meeting error HTTP Request returned Status Code 401. Invalid access token, i have entered the api key and api secret from my account into laravel

Hey @disnakermediasikalba
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and Welcome to our community!
Could you please share more details about this issue so I can help you troubleshoot this.
What kind of app are you creating?
What documentation have you used so far?


I’m also encountering this error with our platform. We are connecting via Oauth 2.0 and are getting this error sometime after initial connection for users. Upon trying to refresh the tokens, we just get “access token is expired” even when running our refresh token method. I’m suspecting that since our prod and dev environments are separate, maybe there are invalid credentials in one of the databases?

Hi @quinton.gilliard
Thanks for reaching out, I am happy to help here!
Are you still experiencing this issue?
Please make sure you are using the right credentials when authorizing your application