I can not get the recordings of the cloud recording


My problem is that I need to be able to get all the recordings of a specific account I am using the guide and executing its example code directly from the guide, but I get this problem:

“page_count”: 0,
“page_size”: 0,
“total_records”: 0

Indicating that I do not have recordings in the cloud. Being this lie and having 2 test recordings in the cloud. This same account is the administrator account of the ZOOM service.

thank you and I hope your soon support

Hi, Thank you for reporting these errors. I will forward it to our development team so that they can fix it.

ok thank you friend, I hope your quick reply :mueca:

Hello friend, there is still no response from the development group, there are about 18 hours of waiting, and I am impatient since this is a project that I must deliver as quickly as possible and I can not have so much delay. Thank you and I understand that you may also have certain problems, but at least notify some progress so I can notify my employer.

@profesor I have responded to you in a personal message

Running into the same issue. The v1 API seems to work and return the list of recordings correctly, but the v2 API simply returns no records.

Hi @shuang,

What is the value for the meetingID that you passed while calling this API?


Ah in my case, I’m trying to list all recordings by user, so I’m passing a userID

Hi @shuang ,

Please make sure that you are passing the values for to and from query in your request url.

Here is how a sample request URL would look like:


I hope that resolves your issue.


that seems to work! but it seems no matter what value i set for from, it only goes 1 month back:


Returns the following:


“from”: “2019-04-09”,

“to”: “2019-05-09”,


Hi @shuang,

Currently it is an expected behavior that the API will return the recordings within the span of 30 days only.
If you want to return the list for more than 30 days, then you can consider calling the API multiple times.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you so much for the clarification and quick response Ojus - this was very helpful.

Glad that I was able to help