I have a question

First of all, I am Korean, so please understand that I used a translator.

We would like to create a website that provides reservation services for interpreters.
Currently, it is developing using Oauth2.0 authentication using Zoom API.
Allow the user to log in to Zoom and schedule Zoom.
The reservation has been made through the developer account, and I want to know how to handle user login.
I would also like to know which of the Zoom API or Web SDK is appropriate to build the above system.
Finally, I want to know how to implement an endpoint.

make into a rudimentary knowledge
Thank you.

Hi @cjh6574,

Thanks for contacting us on the developer forum. I’m happy to assist you with these questions.

If you are implementing a service which allows a user to make a reservation (meeting) with a translator, I would recommend the following:

  • Create an OAuth App: this will allow users to authorize your ability to take actions on their behalf, such as scheduling a meeting for them.
  • Create these meetings via API: you can create a meeting by utilizing our Create Meeting API
  • Designate the translator as the host of the reservation (meeting), by using the schedule_for field in the API:
  • Meetings created via the Create Meeting API will return a join_url in the response, which you can use to send to participants who will be joining the meeting with the translator.

If you wish to embed the full Zoom Meeting experience within your app, including the video functionality, you can implement our Web SDK.

I hope this is clear—let me know if you have additional questions!


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