Creating meetings on customer's behalf

I have a platform where my customers can schedule events. Now I want to add the ability to make these events to also include Zoom meetings.

In order to do this, the customer needs to be able to “setup” their own existing zoom account within their profile on my site (ie, store their username and password, or maybe a 1-time login through our site to get Oauth2 enabled?). Already having their own zoom account is a prerequisite.

After this “link” is in place, our app subsequently needs to be able to schedule zoom meetings on their behalf. The scheduling could happend days or months later - ideally the initial authentication remains in place for a long period after so they don’t have to do this setup again.

Is this something that can be done through the Zoom API?
And does it require any extra actions from the user? Specifically, do they need to explicitly enable API access on their account before this mechanism can work (not ideal).


Hey @martijn,

This is totally possible with the Zoom API!

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a User Level OAuth App on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Integrate the OAuth flow on your site.
  3. Use the access_token for the user to Create a Meeting on their behalf.