I have integaretd zoom web sdk in website but error is showing so how to resolve it

Hi Tommy
same issue is coming after used in new version of the Web SDK.
in zoom Android SDK app meeting and video is not lagging but when i am running the same meeting using zoom WEBSDK that time meeting is going stop for 5 to 10 minute and need to refresh the browser and click again to join the meeting.i have also integrate zoom Android SDK in my android app but it is working fine at same time time but in web lagging and stop issue is coming.You have mentioned dedicated server is required for Hosting in last conversation but as per my knowledge that kind of server is not required because after click on join meeting all the things are handling from your (zoom)server.I have hosted all android app api and ZOOM WEB SDK in the same server and same meeting is going fine in ZOOM ANDROID SDK which is integrated with my learning android app.So only issue is coming in ZOOM WEB SDK.Please provide me proper solution.How can i resolve the issue.

Hi @webtraceliveclasses,

We’re still troubleshooting your issue, we’ll follow up with you as soon as we’re able to conclude why there is a lag with the WebSDK.


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Hi Michael
We are waiting from long time but still not get any proper solution please do it as soon as possible.we are stacked in middle of the development.


Hey @webtraceliveclasses,

We are still working to give you a solution. JIRA DEVELOPERS-568

Thanks for your patience.