Integrate Zoom to website

Hi there, we recently started use zoom on our lms due to the virus.

However, we found that it is really inconvenience for some our student as they need to download the zoom client in order to join the meeting.

I was wondering is it possible to integrate zoom to our site, that allows them to join and connect to the class through their browser without install any plugin or software. I’ve did some research, and I see that a few source said that this can be achieved, however, user are still required to login. We want something like streaming. So I was wondering if there are api solutions or product of zoom that we can use to solve this problem.


Hey @wjy421421,

You can use the Zoom Web SDK to accomplish this! :slight_smile:


I am using but it gives me a black page nothing else , can you please assist me

Hey @aurangzeb.khan,

Please provide your code, screenshots, steps to reproduce, and any errors you are getting in the browser console.