I have query about zoom meeting api

i am using meeting api.I am working om website where users can do 1-1 video call using zoom.user has 3 options
5 minutes call
15 minutes call
60 minutes call
I want to end the meeting after 5 minutes when it start.Please guide how i can do that
also let me know i want to redirect user at my site.i need examples

@usman.traximtech Hope you will be fine.

:point_up_2: You need send PUT request here → PUT /meetings/{meetingId}/status with payload:{action:'end'} after 5 minutes.

:point_up_2: You need integrate Zoom WebSDK & Set leaveUrl to your site once the meeting ends.

For more:

Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

i am using api.i need a solution using api .i have set post attende url but not working as well