I have to input sdk jwt token, how i can get the sdk jwt token?

i followed this guide

then, when i do sdk_demo_v2,
i got the sreen to input sdk jwt token.

how to get the sdk jwt token?
or how to skip the process to get sdk jwt token?

i got the SDK KEY and SDK SECRET already by making app on the app market place.
even also, api key and api sercret and JWT token.

But, the JWT token is not worked on the screen to get sdk jwt token.

i think the jwt token i got, it is just jwt token not sdk jwt token.

i wanna know how to solve this problem.

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Hello @amcole0,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The JWT token provided with the API Key and API Secret only works for API calls and will not work with the SDK.

The JWT the demo app asks for must be created by you using your SDK Key and SDK Secret.
The header and payload for the JWT looks like this:

   "appKey": "string", // Your SDK key
   "iat": long, // access token issue timestamp (Current time in epoch)
   "exp": long, // access token expire timestamp, iat + a time less than 48 hours (In epoch)
   "tokenExp": long // token expire time, MIN:1800 seconds (In epoch)

You can build your JWT at https://jwt.io/. The signature of the JWT will be your SDK Secret.
You can also get epoch times at https://www.epochconverter.com/.

We strongly recommend using a JWT. However, you can use your SDK Key and SDK Secret directly by using tagAuthParam instead of tagAuthContext. You should only do this for testing purposes, though.


It might be helpful to add this JWT template to the Build, Run, & Play section on your Windows SDK page. It still has the old demo pictures before JWT was used in the Demo.

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Hey @apdevuser,

That is a good idea! We will work to get that updated. Did this template create a valid JWT for you?


I’ve found generating this JWT to be a bit tricky and have had to spend many hours reading various bits of the documentation and posts in this user forum before I was able to get a working implementation in C#.

I have written a C# library to make working with Zoom’s Java Web Tokens (JWTs) much easier. Hopefully this will save others the time and trouble I had to go through!

The resultant ZoomJWT is available on GitHub.