I made some example codes to create zoom meeting with python to get started with zoom API

I didn’t find much example code to get started with zoom API in python, so now after learning a little bit, I’m sharing my code so you others can get started with zoom API easily.

I observed that lots of people on the forum are looking for example code (me as well) that’s why I think it would be super helpful for newbies.

Here is the Github repo

let me know if it seems promotional kinda stuff, I’ll remove it. Also, it would be really nice if mods will add this as an additional resource to get started in the zoom API documentation

@tommy sorry to bother, but I was wondering, can you add some example code in zoom API docs, is it possible? would be really helpful

Hey @theone,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. When it comes to using the Zoom API, our best piece of API documentation that you can use for testing is within our Postman Collection.

Please note, there is is an issue we are working to resolve where the Content-Type header may need to be adjusted to “application/json” and the request body should be switched to JSON.

If that doesn’t help, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction. If there are any examples we’re missing, I’ll make sure that we add those.


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