Zmmtg-root intervenes on before calling zoom overlay

i have integrated your zoom sdk to my angular app and i wanted to call zoom overlay when i click meeting button in my website but it appears when website load for the first time and sits on top of my website…

How do i call or invoke only when i want

Hey @radhesh.tantri, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Since the Web SDK overlays the whole page, I suggest using CSS to hide / show respectively when you want to.

Checkout this thread:

We are working on a more customizable one for next year that allows you to invoke on demand.


Is there any API for API key and API Secrete key. please let me know…

Hey @radhesh.tantri,

You can get API key and secret for a Zoom OAuth, SDK, JWT, or Chatbot app here:

And here are our docs: