I need some help with customizing language when using Web SDK

I’m using Web SDK for my Website. I want to customize languague for education domain. And i’ve done follow this guide but nothing happen.

Which version?
I’m using Zoom Meeting Web Client WebSDK version 1.7.10_20200707_ES6_release - Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, 1:43:59 PM

Here are my code and my zoom display. I’ve already load my custom language. But zoom’s language dont change even though i used reRender() function.

Additional context
I downloaded source follow this guide. And then convert index.js to zoom.js by Browserify for web client.

Hey @hungnm,

Checkout this thread and let me know if it helps:


Hi Tommy,
FYI, I’m experiencing the same limitation in 1.8.0 trying to override some keys within the default language (either custom language name or official locale name) following the documentation exactly as mentioned by @hungnm

Thanks for your support

nvm, I’ve found the issue: you must override the language keys AFTER ZoomMtg.init and BEFORE ZoomMtg.join, then it works like a charm!

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@cnadeau you can see my code. I overrode the language keys after ZoomMtg.init and before ZoomMtg.join. But it’s not work.
And i have to change code of file zoom.js which i converted by Browserify to do this.

@hungnm, here what I did in the sample that worked : https://github.com/cnadeau/sample-app-web/tree/forum_pos_27907

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing your solution @cnadeau! :slight_smile:

@hungnm, let me know if you were able to get it working!


Thanks for sharing @cnadeau!
But i’ve resolved this problem by editing source code of Zoom.
I found a function:

function r(e){"en-US"===e&&(e="default");var t={...};return t[e]||t.default}

and then i changed it to:

function r(e){"en-US"===e&&(e="default");
if(!ZoomMtg.langWords)ZoomMtg.langWords = {...}
return ZoomMtg.langWords[e]||ZoomMtg.langWords.default

so i can overrode default language like this:

	leaveUrl: that.leaveUrl,
	isSupportAV: true,
	disableRecord: false,
	isShowJoiningErrorDialog: false,
	success: function () {
		if(meetingConfig.lang && that.customWords[meetingConfig.lang]) {
			$.extend(ZoomMtg.langWords[meetingConfig.lang], that.customWords[meetingConfig.lang]);
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Hey @hungnm,

Happy to hear you got it sorted out! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your solution!


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